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  • I have looked on b2.template.functions and I know that I’m just missing it. How do I separate the category names one on a line? I have tried line breaks, doesn’t change it.
    This is the page I’m trying to code:
    If you look at the sidebar, the categories run on, what line and how to add a line break? Thanks!
    Also, how do I flip them to ASC or DESC order?

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  • Hi Southerngal,
    are you using list_cats()?
    It will either output a set of

  • list items if parameter 6 it set to true (the default) in which case you can use the stylesheet to format them how you want.
    Or if the sixth parameter is false, then the output should have a
    tag after each category.

Since it won’t let me re-edit that post, it’s supposed to be replaced with the “br /” tag.
Finally, I understand the posting code requests! *G*

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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