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  • When I import wordpress files into the new wordpress on a new fresh server, in the dashboard it says 33 categories, but they dont show up on the posts page, the category page, and all 160 some odd posts are remaining uncategorized.




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  • This is for wordpress 2.5.1

    One of my blogs did that. I had to go in and do an edit on many of the posts, but all I really did was make sure the correct categories were there for each post and resaved it. I didn’t have to type anything. Just mostly click on save.

    Yeah they dont even show up in the list, or on the categories page so selecting them isn’t even an option.

    the wordpress query for that is really inefficient and was trying to use up a bunch of temp storage space, so my host needed to crank up some mysql parameters

    justinbasch, did you look in the manage posts section ?

    There is where I found them, mostly under ‘uncategorized’.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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