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  • hello, i’m trying to create categories with same name
    but found a nice bug..

    trying to add:
    categorie 1
    > Sub 1
    > Sub 2
    categorie 2
    > Sub 1
    > Sub 2

    does not work!
    the php check only category name, but does not check the categorie parent id!

    need to create alot of these subs, but the script dont let me :S

    any hack?

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  • Hi,

    Please check with category.php file in your blog active theme and category-template.php from wp-include file and set the settings upon requirement.


    Shane G.


    Category names in WordPress are unique across all categories. You can not have the same category name under two different partents. WordPress just doesn’t work that way.

    consider if you could accomplish the same thing by using categories for category1 and category 2

    and tags for sub1 and sub2 – tags are not hierarchical so can be assigned to any post. You can then display posts that re in category 2 and tagged with tag sub2

    not appropriate in all situations but works well when it does

    You can have duplicate names, but not duplicate slugs. I’ve created a hack to fix this:



    I like the solution of putting Categories in the top level of the menu and use tags for the sub levels, but how do you do this?

    I have search on google and haven’t found a how to for this solution :/

    Thank you

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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