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  • I have a great number of categories and they make my site very long.

    What I want to do is:
    – Create some primary categories with letter names : A, B, C, D, E … Z
    – Make my current categories subcategories of those letters.

    When someone wants to go to Movies, for example, he would click the M category and then all the sub-categories that start with M would expand.

    Also, I see another problem in WordPress, when I make a category and I put a sub-category into it, the link would change from to

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  • Slightly confused here, but is this a problem? 🙂

    Yes, the problem is that I want to have only ~30 categories(letter names) instead of having 1000 categories…

    And about that rename with the primary category, it would ruin all my SERP because it changes the permalink…

    The A/B/C/D/E etc. idea sounds like a good plan 😉

    With regards to permalink, there seem to be several options although I have not tested them myself:

    Permalink Redirect (Last updated April 4th 2008, so potentially okay for 2.5)
    Permalinks Migration (Comments show that this may not be compatible with 2.5)

    There are some plugins that allow removal of the ‘top’ category, such as Top Level Categories but apparently it really only works for sites that have used a date structure for their permalinks (see associated forum thread in the bottom right corner of the page)

    Not sure if this is useful at all. Some of the keywords to look out for are ‘permalink’ ‘redirect’ ‘301 redirect’ etc.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    p/s: It turns out *the* Matt used Permalink Redirect about 3 years ago.

    Thank you kind sir, but I still have trouble with those A B C D… Z categories.

    I think I will not use this ideea anymore as I see nobody is using it and I can’t get any help.

    Another option for me would be to change the font size of the categories into a smaller one, so that they will take less space.

    How do i change the categories font size? I looked through the theme options and there is no such font size 🙁

    PS: I tried Category Cloud Widget, I think it’s a good option and I managed to make the font smaller but I want to set it up so that only 1 category is shown per 1 line, so that it would look like a list.

    Is it possible to find out more about your site please?

    As a user just reading about the navigation structure that you proposed initially, it does seem as though it would be easier to for general visitors to navigate around your site with the A->Z lettering.

    I have a site that focuses on hollywood celebrities. As you know, they are so many, and I have like 800 categories or so, thus my website is very long.

    It’s easier for someone to click on the first letter of a celebrity’s name than to scrool all the way down to find her…

    How do I modify the font size of the categories? I want to make the letters smaller so it occupies less space.

    Later edit: here is the website adress, I didn’t want to post it but I thought it might help you find a better solution for me :

    Thanks for the link, alexr. I definitely see what you mean about having too many categories!

    One plugin that you might consider look at is this: Collapsing Categories

    I haven’t tested this particular plugin myself, but I am using a similar plugin for archives written by the same author and it works really well. There might be a few issues, but people seem to have found workarounds for them (see forum threads in the bottom right corner of the plugin page above)

    p/s: Changing the font size may not be the best way forward, as people may have to strain (their eyes) to see the list.

    I already tried all the plugins that I thought would work(including collapsing categories) but to be certain I installed it again.

    Here is a screenshot:

    First of all, the distance between rows is huge…

    Secondly, I wanted the sub-category name to start as much as possible from the left side, so in case it has a big name, it should appear completely on a single row…

    And finally, that triangle looks so bad 🙁

    PS: Read from the intalation guide of collapsing categories:
    ” There should be 2 new plugins in your WordPress Admin interface — Collapsing Categories, and Collapsing Categories Widget. You must enable both of them, in that order. Then simply go the Presentation > Widgets section and drag over the Collapsing Categories Widget. ”

    In the admin interface I only have Collapsing Categories(I don’t have the widget), but when I go Design->Widgets, i have Collapsing Categories Widget. Pretty weird, huh?


    Working backwards from your points, since it seems to be easier 🙂

    1. I agree that the installation guide is a little misleading. I can only presume that Rob (the author) managed to build it into the main plugin php file, so that’s why there isn’t a separate widget file. Particularly as WP 2.5 does support widgets natively.

    2. The triangle can be changed. Under the widget options (or even if you just click on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Collapsing Categories’ the plugin gives you the option of using e.g. + and – instead of triangles. Personally, I think this is quite easily changed to something else.

    3.A standard ul or li list will normally have the indented structure which you have described (where the subcategory is displayed inwards from the left) but I believe this can be overcome with some CSS styling; it has it’s own CSS file called collapsCat.css which can be edited. This tutorial on styling lists might be useful. The size of the text can also be styled this way.

    4. I know that Collapsing Archives has the option to just expand the ‘current’ year, but Collapsing Categories doesn’t have this option at the moment. So maybe this might be a feature request that could be sent into the developer (Rob Felty) to leave all the main categories (e.g. A -> Z) un-expanded when the visitor first visits the page.

    Hope this helps 😉

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