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  • Hi,

    Not sure how to explain what I am looking for clearly, but I’ll try…
    I’m trying to run a travel blog but want categories/menus to go in a logical order. e.g.

    Level 1: Asia, Austalasia, Europe, North America, South America, etc

    Level 1 across the top of the page horizontal… Then when Europe clicked from homepage it displays Level 2 vertically on the left… e.g.

    Level 2: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, etc…

    Then when level 2 is clicked say… Germany is clicked I want level 3 to appear on the left so instead of listing european countries it will have a header on the left of Germany and then displayed below is Level 3.. e.g.

    Level 3: Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich

    So my levels will be as follows:

    Level 1: Continent – displayed at all times horizontal on site
    Level 2: Countries – from continent selected from level 1 displayed on left vertically.
    Level 3: Cities – from country selected in level 2, replacing countries on left vertically.

    Hope that makes some sense and someone can point me in the right direction for how to do that in wordpress!?

    Tried to make it a bit easier to understand…
    Pic 1:
    Pic 2:

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  • Anyone any idea what I’m on about? any help would be greatly appreciated… I’ve not much clue about code and so on, so looking for a simple solution. I would of thought it would of been a common query?

    Thanks again.



    Same question here but from a different point of view.

    We need to have the list of Continents, Countries, Provinces and Cities of al the entire globe in wordpress as categories (Continents) and subcategories (Countries, Provinces and Cities).

    Then, when we have an article to add we should have an easy ajax way to choose the Continent, the Country, the Province and at last the City.

    There are several ways to get the list of all the cities of the world online (even if I’ve read that some of them are corrupted) but my problem is to add them as categories and subcategories as above.

    Is there anyone brave enough to give me a hint?


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