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  • Sorry for eventually asking a very simple thing .. but I am new to this all and searching now also did bring up some results to solve my problem:
    I have installed a second archive page via narchive.php description .. now I want to have in my columns the category .. so far that is ok ..
    .. but then if I want to have them displayed from this columns list all jumps back to index .. displaying the categories in the main column .. but in the side column the text of my index.php appears instead of the listing of categories and archives to reappear ..
    If someone can give me a hint ….. thanks a lot …

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  • This would probably be easier to explain and understand if we could have links to each page and a line or two against each link saying how you want it to be different ?

    I’m getting a 404 on that link.

    I can see what you mean …
    Given that you can sort by category there, is the purpose of the cat list where you have it so a viewer can display just a single category ? Or else see which cats are the busiest ?
    This is beyond what I can do, but my guess would be that a rewrite rule could help, or that you could somehow manipulate the link url to automatically call a certain page to display things in the manner you want.

    in fact I wanted to have it there as a kind of overview .. to see all categories listed …
    .. as a search tool they are not desperatly necessary as one can use the search in the main column .. eventhough I thought it would be nice to have them as shortcut access there .. and to have my intro reappear with them does not make much sense..
    .. but thank you .. yes, I agree – your suggestion goes in the direction I am slowly finding out about …

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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