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  • Hi all,

    To start I doubt it matters for this particular problem but I’m experiencing the below issue(s) on both Chrome and Firefox. Also, I didn’t change any of the CSS code or add any of my own between the time the site was working properly and when it started doing this.

    My categories on my front page changed and now I can’t get them back the way they were. Before last week, my front page had 4 categories:
    1. Ear Accoutrements
    2. Neck Decorations
    3. Various and Sundry
    4. Wrist Adornment
    Under the categories there was another area that showed newest items individually – ie, not as a category, but as individual products that had “Newest” as one of their tags.

    Now, Newest is showing up as its own category, which I don’t want: Current Front Page and I don’t have the newest items along the bottom.

    I cannot find anywhere to fix it. I’ve even tried to set it so no categories should show at all just to test, but the picture above is what it always shows even when I do that.

    Also (and I’m guessing realtedly?), my Buzz: Woo widgets aren’t showing up anywhere. I have them enabled:Buzz:Woo Commerce Widget but they don’t show up when I want to customize:Widgets Not Displayed. They also don’t have their own menu like they did before: Buzz: Woo Missing (I wish I had a screencap of what it was before to compare, but I had no reason to take one).

    Please help! I’ve scoured the BuzzStore support documents, I’ve searched the WordPress forums, I’ve contacted the theme creator – all to no avail. I have a convention coming next weekend and I’ll be handing out business cards – I need my site to work before then! Any help – or even hints on where else to start looking – would be greatly appreciated.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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