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  1. kaiiser
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello everybody,
    i´m not really new to wordpress, but i´m new to the forum, so HELLO EVERYBODY! first.

    Here goes my request: I tried the 'WP Enhanced Plugin Management'-Plugin by Martin Wiso (http://www.wiso.cz/), which doesn´t work real proper at the moment, but it is more than only a good idea, when you have to manage some more plugins.

    i would be satisfied if you could implement such an idea into 2.3, but if you want to make me even more happy: how about categories in plugins, instead of ordering it in 'abc..and so on'. if i could organize my plugs into categories for e.g.: media (galleries, player, etc.), backend/cms (admin stylesheets), write/comment, ... maybe someone can bring this a little further and his/her ideas in here. or maybe a short discussion starts about this point...

    thanks for listening/reading and i hope i put the thread in the right categorie ;)

  2. kaiiser
    Posted 8 years ago #

    ok i found the word i was searching for the thread-discription a little late: suggestion

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