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  • I have been looking for a way to remove the /category/ part from my category urls. I have a site where I need a homepage kind of look for every category and the url for that should be easily accessible without having to type category into the url as well.

    After looking for a solution I found that wordpress SEO by yoast had the option to strip the category base from urls. I tried it and it did remove the category part, but now the urls are linked to some kind of index link related to the category. If the category i’m clicking on is blog, when I go to it takes me to a index of /blog and provides two links called parent directory and cgi-bin/ and nothing else.

    If I enter it works though. But none of my category links use that url anymore. When I click a category name it simply uses the url without category base and takes me to the index page of that category.

    I unchecked the option in wordpress seo but the problem is still there. I used WP No Category Base plugin afterwards but the problem is still not resolved. I need a way to get my categories working again. Any ideas?


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  • 301 redirect rules.

    Now I have to redirect each category individually? I thought the plugin might have written something somwhere which does not get removed when the plugin is deactivated or the option is disabled. Cannot that be removed?

    And I really don’t want that category base, so I was thinking that after I got my categories to work I can use the No Category Base plugin because that was said to work perfectly. If I redirect, will that work?

    wow – thanks for studying the reply

    right, well the thing is I did a google search on that. AND I didn’t understand anything. Maybe you can give me a link where I can better understand what a 301 redirect is and how I can use it in my situation. English is not my native language so this stuff is a bit harder for me.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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