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  • I am currently setting up my site. I have a number of categories with one being “General.” “General” had not been showing up as an option when editing or writing a post. As “General” was noted as the DEFAULT category in the configuration, I thought this might have been the issue. I went to Options, Writing and changed the default post/bookmark to another category which was a parent category of about 15 child categories (and would not be used to post to on my site). When I went back to the Write/Edit post screens, all 15 categories and the parent category were now not showing up. I then changed the default back to General and the categories still were no longer showing in the Write/Edit post screens even though they are all fine in the “Manage Categories” database. I am at a loss to why this happened. No plugins were added during this process so it really shouldn’t be a non-core WordPress issue.

    I am still in the design phase, so I can delete all categories and start over. This just makes me nervous to ever make a change once the site is live.

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  • Adding categories works great. I understand that the categories are not going to show up until a post has been made the selects that category. But, if I want to take a post and move it to one of the newer categories you would think it would show up in the edit post phase, right? My issue is that they should show up in the administrative edit side of things no matter what, right?

    And posting the same question in 3 different topics is annoying, right?

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