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  • I seem to be experiencing the same problem. Just installed 1.5.

    No matter how I set the options in the wp_list_cats template tag, my category list is ordered by ID and is not hierarchical. What’s going on here?

    likewise. i upgraded from 1.21 to 1.5 last night, and using the freshly-installed, untouched “classic” theme, as well as a slightly-modified “default” (kubrick), my categories refuse to get hierarchical though it ought to be enabled by default.

    other arguments are respected — I didn’t exhaust them all, but it definitely respects optiondates and seems to disregard sort_column and hierarchical 🙁

    It’s been acknowledged here: I have also filed a bug report:

    Hopefully someone from the WordPress team will get on this and fix it soon.

    Don’t ask why this works, but it does. I just punch in numbers and see what happens… =P

    File: /wp-includes/template-functions-category.php

    and look for the following section:

    // out of the WordPress loop
    function wp_list_cats($args = ”) {
    parse_str($args, $r);
    if (!isset($r[‘optionall’])) $r[‘optionall’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘all’])) $r[‘all’] = ‘All’;
    if (!isset($r[‘sort_column’])) $r[‘sort_column’] = ‘ID’;
    if (!isset($r[‘sort_order’])) $r[‘sort_order’] = ‘asc’;
    if (!isset($r[‘file’])) $r[‘file’] = ”;
    if (!isset($r[‘list’])) $r[‘list’] = true;
    if (!isset($r[‘optiondates’])) $r[‘optiondates’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘optioncount’])) $r[‘optioncount’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘hide_empty’])) $r[‘hide_empty’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘use_desc_for_title’])) $r[‘use_desc_for_title’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘children’])) $r[‘children’] = true;
    if (!isset($r[‘child_of’])) $r[‘child_of’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘categories’])) $r[‘categories’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘recurse’])) $r[‘recurse’] = 0;
    if (!isset($r[‘feed’])) $r[‘feed’] = ”;
    if (!isset($r[‘feed_image’])) $r[‘feed_image’] = ”;
    if (!isset($r[‘exclude’])) $r[‘exclude’] = ”;
    if (!isset($r[‘hierarchical’])) $r[‘hierarchical’] = true;

    list_cats($r[‘optionall’], $r[‘all’], $r[‘sort_column’], $r[‘sort_order’], $r[‘file’], $r[‘list’], $r[‘optiondates’], $r[‘optioncount’], $r[‘hide_empty’], $r[‘use_desc_for_title’], $r[‘children’], $r[‘child_of’], $r[‘categories’], $r[‘recurse’], $r[‘feed’], $r[‘feed_image’], $r[‘exclude’], $r[‘hierarchical’]);

    See the line with HIDE_EMPTY? Change it to a zero [0] and then save.

    It worked for me. Supposedly hide_empty is supposed to hide empty categories….

    Oh yeah – forgot, in the theme files look for the line

    <?php wp_list_cats(' ... '); ?>

    whatever is there like list=0 or something else, just add &children=1 so that it looks like

    <?php wp_list_cats('list=0&children=1'); ?>

    You just change “<?php wp_list_cats(0, "", "name", "asc", "", 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0,"","","","","") ?>” to “<?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1'); ?>“.

    No, it’s not that easy. Believe me, I’ve tried every set of options I can think of. The guys above are right. It is respecting several of the settings, but it seems that “sort_column” defaults to ID and “hierarchical” defaults to 0 no matter how you set them yourself.

    I’m sure the WordPress folks wouldn’t have released 1.5 if this problem were effecting everyone. It probably works great on a fresh install, and it might even work for most of those who upgraded.

    Did you upgrade from 1.2.x, wodd?

    Yes, I upgraded from 1.2.2. You should try ripping the category code from the WordPress Classic theme’s sidebar.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    The solution posted here didn’t work for me, but the one posted here

    worked for me.

    You could also upgrade to 1.5.1 – and this will be solved.

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