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  • Since last update to 3.8. my categories are missing their subcategories.

    Funny thing is i dont see the subcategories as before in Posts->Categories list, but i see them when i want to make a new category and i see them when im writing a new post. also i can assign a post in a subcategory.

    Also when i open a category in browser i can only see categories that dont have a subcategory – if i open a category that has a subcategory i get a view like there is no posts in that category.

    Hope this can be solved somehow…

    Thanks for all the help in advance.

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  • Does same occur with default theme and all plugins deactivated?

    yup same thing.

    A link to the site may help forum folks take a closer look…

    Same for me, with all plugins disabled & default theme !
    My sub categories are in DB, I can see them in category parent selector but they’re not listed nor in admin categories page list, nor on front !
    Looks like a bug in WP to me 😉

    same. have to downgrade back to 3.7

    If it’s a bug, it would be very helpful to be able to reproduce it in a default theme with all plugins deactivated. Could you all post links to your site and/or screenshots to provide that additional info?

    unfortunately i cant provide a link to my site – its in maintenance mode and not meant to be seen by public till fully completed 🙂

    maybe adrien.gibrat or rainbowlearn can provide links to their sites if its the same problem?

    Hmm, I’m having the same issue here (Twenty Fourteen Theme with No Plugins Enabled) and unfortunately cannot share the dev link – grateful if anyone can find a resolve to the issue – looks like it might be an issue with 3.8?

    seems it is 🙁

    Hmm, well – I’m going to try a completely fresh install and see if that resolves the issue (I upgraded from 3.7.1 previously). Will let you know the outcome…

    OK, well a fresh install with twentyfourteen theme works OK. However, When I add back in my plugins and theme, the same behaviour still persisted.

    Then, whilst messing around with it, I tried adding a sub-category of the sub-category that was not showing (by choosing it in the parent drop-down) and viola, the categories appeared. I was then able to remove the sub-sub category and use as normal, so I would suggest trying this and seeing whether that helps at all?

    oke. i reinstalled 3.8.

    added new subcategory to category that had subcategories.
    Now i see the subcategories in category list but still i dont see them as they used to be – as a subcategory of the main one.

    Also when i look at number of posts in a category that has subcategories inside the number is 0.

    I also tried “readding” the subcategories to their category but not good.

    So for now i see them again in category list but they are not linked to their parent as it used to be….

    Did you try adding a sub-category to another sub-category (three tier) – I know it sounds strange, but that’s what seemed to trigger it for me…

    nope. and now again i lost em. when i deleted the “test” subcategories im back to start…. again i dont see the subcategories in the categories list, i see them only in “Add New Category” in “Parent” drop down menu….

    Yup, scratch that – after adding another sub category, it’s back to the same behaviour as before 🙁

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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