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categories missing during post/page edit

  • I searched here for this issue, and found some disscussion, mostly from last year. The few things I’ve tried haven’t helped.

    I’m using WP 1.5, and ‘pages’. When I make a new post/page or edit and existing one, there are no categories in the right hand side of the admin editing window. The title for that list is there, but no cats to choose from to use as parents for the post/page.

    I can go into the db and set the parent id manually, however.

    …what do check?


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  • Pages have NO categories.

    For information on how Pages work: http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages

    >Pages have NO categories.

    Correct – my apologies for a faulty analogy.

    Pages do have parents and I was after a comparison for usage.

    When I use the admin panel to Write Post’ (or edit a ‘post’), there are no categories listed to choose (a ‘parent’) from…

    I’ve gone thru the older suggestions and my templates and again without success so far.

    The data is in the db, it’s just no longer being pulled for use in the Admin write/edit panel.

    I have several plugins installed, and I fear one of them re-wrote one of the templates, and of course I know the only way to check is to do batch compares with stock templates.

    In the mean time, is there any prescribed path I can follow to backtrack from the missing list items to try to find the break in the chain? Is there a substitute function for php dropdown_categories(get_settings, that may help identify if I should look upstream or down, as an example?

    Is there a schema that shows the path for such pulls? Which group of x.php is involved so I can maybe have a target to make the task a bit more manageable?


    There is something wrong in what you are saying: you are using categories and parents as interchangeable words – as you did earlier with posts and pages.
    Just to clarify: Pages (may) have parents, as parent pages and sub-pages. Posts have categories.
    That’s it. Pages don’t have categories and posts don’t have parents.

    I’m incredibly confused.
    What exactly is the problem here…?

    >That’s it. Pages don’t have categories and posts don’t have parents.

    Forget I mentioned pages all together – I get it 🙂

    Posts don’t have parents…? Clearly they do, sorry.
    Why does line 145 of admin-functions.php say:
    <I>if ($post->post_parent == $parent)</i> …?

    Why is there a column on the ‘Manage Posts’ page showing the category that each post is linked to? Those look like parents to me.

    Why does each post have the ability to be associated with a category in the DB? But I no longer have a way to set that when creating a new post, nor when editing an existing post?

    Why is there a section named ‘Categories’ on the right side of the Admin panel when writing posts?

    Why is there a column on the ‘Manage Posts’ page showing the category that each post is under?

    Getting back to my problem…

    How do I change the category a post is linked to?

    Why can I see a associated categories when looking at the ‘Manage Posts’ page, but then see nothing when on the ‘Write Post’ page ?

    I have several categories, but none of them show up in the admin panel when writing/editing a post? The title is there, but why is that list blank?

    Well thats posts not pages.

    >Well thats posts not pages.

    Thanks for going out of your way to clear that up 🙂

    I don’t see your suggestion for resolving my issue – I guess it got cut off – could you post it on the page again, please?


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