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  • I’ve seen this in other posts, but no resolution. My categories page is empty, and I can not add new categories. When I look in the DB, the categories are there. When I edit an existing post, the categories still appear in the sidebar. when I click save, post remains uncategorized.

    From the many posts I’ve seen on this, there must be a real solution apart from making a new post and the categories magically reappearing (didn’t work for me). Thanks for any input…

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  • When you say you looked at the database and the categories are there, what table showed the categories?

    What version did you upgrade from?

    Do you have a pre-upgrade backup of your database?

    Categories are listed in wp_terms. My db backup is a couple months old – I was a bit squirrelly with this upgrade, since I’ve never had issues like this with wp in the past. oh well, doesn’t explain the mysterious disappearing act however.

    What version did you upgrade from?

    Was the blog ever at pre 2.2 state?

    I think it was 2.3.1 – the most recent prior to the most recent….And yes, Is suspect it was one time pre 2.2

    One person reported, on another thread, that deleting the DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE statements from their wp-config.php file. On blogs updated from pre 2.2 those statements should not exist in a wp-config.php file if the upgrade procedures are followed.

    Yes, I saw that post – and it did not solve the problem…

    WordPress Categories not displaying
    I’m having a problem displaying more than one category. From some of the other message boards I’ve read, I can see that other people are having a similar problem.

    I go to the admin Dashboard and open the Categories page. I can add new categories and sub-categories here, but they never show up on the blog page. I am able to edit the original (“uncategorized”) category to another name, but that is all.

    I “repaired” all of my MySQL tables, as suggested, but this didn’t help. By the way, I don’t see a wp_category table in my database (described in some older documentation), but I do see the name of my (missing) category in the wp_terms table as well as the description of the (missing) category in the wp_term_taxonomy table.

    These are the 10 tables in my MySQL database:


    I think I’m using 2.7. I installed it through the GoDaddy interface.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks !!!

    Jerry Bucknoff
    PM Best Practices

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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