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    Hey guys,
    Ok, I promise I did searches on this, and I know I’ll kick myself when someone shows me how easy this is.
    Alright, the categories list in the sidebar. I would like to create a page that simply has this categories list, and nothing else. Just links to each category.

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  • moshu


    I’d create a Page template, e.g. mycats.php [just don’t call it category.php or links.php!!!] and in the content div, where the Loop is, I’d put the category list tag which is presently used in the sidebar.
    Of, course, you can add text above or below it.
    Then go to Create a new Page and don’t write anything in the text area.
    Insert a hardcoded link to that Page in your sidebar.
    Optionally, if you are using the wp_list_pages somewhere else, you can exclude this Page from being listed.



    Thanks (mr) Moshu! I’ll give that a shot and report back here if I succeed or find anything interesting along the way.




    HA! It worked.

    I put php on the end for some reason, but it still works. Very nice. Thanks Moshu.



    Yay! I was just about to post a how-to topic on this! I might use the info if you don’t mind 😉



    No problem here.
    Be sure to post a link to your how-to here, so I can find it later!



    Hi, I also wanted to display my categories inside a page and I followed the moshu’s instructions about.However when I click on the link on the side menu, I get a page not found error.

    I will appreciate if anyone can

    1. post the code for the new page ( like mycats.php)
    2. those lines of code to use in the sidebar

    Sorry for the bother, but I tried for like 2 hours to make this to work, and now I just wanted some help.. please!



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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