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Categories issue

  • Steps taken which create the problem:

    1. New category created: “News” (slug is “news”).
    2. Short test post is written under the new category.
    3. “News” category link is clicked on the site homepage.
    4. “Page Not Found” is returned, with the url: http://www.sitename/blogs/category/news
    5. A check of the files on the server reveals no “category” folder (therefore no “news” subfolder).

    I read in a post on these forums that WordPress does not create the category folders on the server. If so, then why does the url created by WordPress after creating a new category and clicking on its link contain the “category” folder and “news” subfolder?

    Happy Holidays,


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  • these are not subfolders.
    Please read about PERMALINKS here and here in the general – read the codex ..

    Hello krembo99,
    Thank you for the reply. I had already read about permalinks. I’m not sure I’m describing the issue correctly. Let me say I’ve resolved the issue temporarily by setting the permalinks to default.

    However, when I set the permalinks to Month and Name, the issue returns. In other words, all links created when posting, etc., are created with a directory structure in the url (e.g. http://www.sitename/blogs/category/news). As you state, although these urls may not be intended by the software to be directories and subdirectories, they are nevertheless created as such by the software, therefore the browser will not find them, since they do not exist on the server.

    I’m thinking perhaps it’s the skin I’ve chosen (Flexibility), and I’ll try using another skin to see if the issue resolves. If that doesn’t work, I’ll re-read about permalinks to see if there’s something I overlooked, or possibly don’t understand.

    Best wishes,

    Hello krembo99,
    Thank you for your reply. I just posted my response, but did not see it added to this discussion, so I’ll try again.

    I had already read about PERMALINKS before I made this post. Whether or not the software intends to create subfolders in the links, that’s what happens, and that’s what address appears in the browser address bar, therefore the browser is searching for folders and subfolders which do not exist on the server.

    I believe the steps I’ve described in my original post should clarify that something is not functioning as intended. I’ve set the permalinks back to default, and the issue disappears. However, the urls created are not the clean results I would have hoped for when using, for example, the “Month and Name” permalink structure.

    I’m going to change skins to see if the problem is with the Flexibility skin I’ve currently chosen.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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