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  • WP 2.7 is great but there are many problems concerning categories management.

    First of all, categories have to have different slugs and it’s being a real problem when you’re using WP as a CMS: many categories and subcategories have the same name and slug (Books > Reviews, Movies > Reviews, Restaurants > Reviews…), but with 2.7 every category/slug has to be renamed, as well as all the links within every post linking to another post because slugs must be different (i.e: using permalinks, Reviews in Books will become books/booksreviews and movies/moviesreviews instead of simply be books/reviews and movies/reviews). Totally WEIRD.

    One of the many other issues is the category ID. A CMS structure is using a lot of categories and their IDs are crucial. With 2.7, categories ID are hard to find and manage. Why is everything about category management becoming so complicated with WP 2.7?

    Last but not least, a bug I guess. In the admin when writing a new article, if you add a new category it creates duplicates categories. Hopefully when checking the category tab, everything seems to be ok…

    WP 2.7 is the best blog platform I know but it’s spoiled by 2 or 3 issues I consider huge. If anyone can help me about the category slug or category ID management, you’re welcome because I’m stocked right now and can’t upgrade to WP 2.7. Many people I know using WP won’t upgrade either until category management is being reviewed.

    This is really too bad…

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  • I have to agree with you on this. I just downloaded my first magazine style theme (Mimbo) and am going through the tutorial, and of course, can’t find the category ID. I had to go to the database and really dig for it. I think that’s pretty dangerous and totally unnecessary, since it was so easy to find before. Hope this was just an oversite on someone’s part, or enough people complain enough that it gets reverted back to being able to find the id in the backend.

    How frustrating….

    I am also working with a couple of ‘magazine’ style themes and using WP 2.7 as a CMS, but I don’t seem to be having your struggles with categories/slugs.

    Why go to the database? Just go to the main categories page in the admin panel. In the list of categories, the slugs are shown in the list, and if you hover your cursor over the category name you’ll see the category id in the hyperlink on your browser’s status bar (ie: Yes, it would be nice if the ID was listed with the name and slug, but it’s not that hard to find.

    Thanks Hedley for your help. I was able to find my category ID’s.

    Well, I never had any problem finding the category ID’s, but I’m glad you did find them firedward 😉

    My problem is huge and sadly WordPress developpers totally ignored all the blogs using WP as a CMS. I have no idea why they did that but this is totally weird………. I don’t get it AT ALL.

    Again, if someone can help me out, it’s more than welcome. If WP developpers read my message, please take it into consideration for the next release since there are a lot of people working with duplicate category names/slugs to manage their CMS site using WordPress.

    I’m implementing my first magazine theme for a client and have never before had to be concerned with category IDs. I want to thank the wizard who recommended retrieving it from the URL address bar.

    As for WordPress developers, my understanding is that WordPress is open source and all of us who use it contribute to the development and support effort. Thus far, I’ve not endeavored to write a plug-in or create a theme but my admiration for those who provide them is boundless.

    Thanks to the community of brilliant people who give us a great tool with tremendous online support!

    Marj Wyatt
    Skype: marjwyatt



    There is hope. Why not move categories out of the terms table or something similar? You wouldn’t want duplicate tags, but you should expect to have duplicate category names and it’s this database design flaw which is at fault. They seem to have mixed up tags and categories and have said you can only ever have one category called “cars” for example.

    It totally screws up any attempt and I do mean any decent attempt at information architecture when you move beyond a blog.

    Each child of each parent should be allowed to take the same name as their peers (which IS allowed in WP, but the slug isn’t allowed to behave the same), you have multiple friends in the real world who have the same name from different parents. It’s this clash between how the slug and the category name are handled that’s causing me the headache.

    Hi lee.jordan! It’s been almost a year I posted my comment and I still encounter the same problem dealing with duplicate category names/slugs. And you and me are far from being the only ones.
    And so on…

    And still, no change… I know WP is free, I know developers do a tremendous job and I always thank the community on my blogs using WordPress, I’m a proud and respectful user of WordPress.

    But how comes this is still a problem for so long, after so many posts on this forum and on so many websites I visited? I know many tickets are already open and WP staff do their best but this issue is a BIG one when you use WP as a CMS. WP won CMS Award last November, that’s great but accepting multiple slugs/category names is one, if not the most important thing to do when you deal with a CMS-structured blog.

    I really hope all our messages will be heard with 2.9. Guys at WordPress really deserve our respect for everything that has been done so far but please hear our voices.

    Thank you!

    I’ve just upgraded and WP 2.9 doesn’t correct this big problem…


    So are you talking about the same thing as this ticket?
    May also be related, possibly.
    (Was looking for more, but unsure on the terms to search)

    If you genuinely believe it to be a bug, Trac is ideally where you need to report it, if you want to get any real attention.

    Thank you t31os_ but apparently, opening a ticket is of no use. If the solution is to hack WordPress core files, I don’t consider it a real fix but a bandage.

    Like guischarf reported in his ticket:, I also use category and subcategory titles to load images. So that’s a big problem. And I use many categories, rename each one of them is unimaginable…

    WP 2.9 doesn’t fix the problem, I spent all the day trying to create/assign/whatever I could do with categories and slugs without success.

    I really think it should be a top priority for WP 3.0, because it really is an issue not only for me but for anyone using WP as a CMS with multiple categories/subcategories…

    I hope the development team will finally hear our voice. It’s Xmas, please do something! 😉

    If you want a fix in the core, Trac “is” the place to do it, because that’s where the core developers operate, if you want any chance of seeing a fix, then it’s the fella’s there you need to convince, not the forum.

    If a ticket isn’t taken seriously, then ask yourself why.. (normally it’s quite evident why certain tickets are ignored or closed, IMHO).. and in most cases an indication as to why is given on the Trac ticket page.

    If a ticket is closed, but the bug unresolved, then RE-OPEN the ticket… 🙂

    I will, certainly, but I still don’t get why they didn’t include the fix in WP 2.9… It’s not recommanded to hack WordPress core files and I thought when they correct a bug, the modifyed file was included into the new version.

    So I’m afraid re-re-opening new tickets over and over on the same topic will not help much…

    Well, ticket closed! It took 16 hours to close it without any fix.
    Great… See t31os_, that’s despairing…

    WordPress development team changed the way multiple categories/slugs are handled which makes blogs like mine not compatible anymore with the latest version of WordPress (I can’t upgrade above WP 2.3). They don’t provide any solution, saying: ‘Closing as the proposed feature – duplicate category slugs – is not going to hapen’

    It has nothing to do with the enormous, excellent work the WordPress developers do, it has to do with a BIG change in WordPress category/slug management that makes hundreds of blogs totally unupgradable, stucked with really old versions of WordPress…

    I’ve been said once: ‘You used to manage your categories this way because you were using a bug in WordPress’. Maybe, so it wasn’t my fault then and now WordPress changes everything and I can’t upgrade anymore and the answer is: ‘Closing as the proposed feature – duplicate category slugs – is not going to hapen’. Thanks for your support!

    Seriously, that’s not fair to abandon WordPress users in the side this way, I feel neglicted and ignored for almost 2 years now. I understand since all the changes have been made WordPress developers can’t go backward, but at least, provide a solution for the already existing problems, that’s the least WordPress should do!

    I even suggested a solution using taxonomies but the answer was: ‘I think both of those can be build into a plugin’. Ok then where is the plugin? WordPress developers relay on Plugin developers to solve a problem they created. I’m sorry if we (blog owners) used a bug but we weren’t warned and then now our blogs can’t be upgraded anymore, as well as our databases. We’re stucked (if not totally f_cked)…

    So maybe someone (I’m not asking the developers, they close the tickets regarding this problem within hours) can help us, please let me know. I’m really alone against WordPress right now, even if I’m far from being the only one suffering the lack of support from WordPress on this subject.

    Again, it doesn’t take anything from all the good I think of the work done by WordPress Developers but I think it’s unfair to let people on the side without daring helping them since ‘thinks have changed’ and we suffer from that abrupt decision.

    I really hope I will be read by WordPress Team and not just ‘closed’ away like a junk ticket because that’s it, things have changed, you’re stucked, end of topic. That’s rude and I know many blogs from organizations in the same situation as mine that will have to start over from scratch because ‘things have changed’. That’s pretty unfair to lose everything you’ve written and done of your blog for years, only because ‘things have change’ without any alternative solution.

    I really hope my message will be taken into consideration. My complain is fully justified, I’ve been waiting for 2 long years for it. Thanks!

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