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  • Hi; I’ve been using Feed WordPress to aggregate some feeds, and it’s perfect except for one thing: I want to make it post different feeds to different categories, rather than have one category set in which all aggregated content is put. Can anybody help me out who might know how to do this?

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  • I don’t know what “Feed WordPress” is (plugin, I assume) but information on setting up feeds for different categories is at

    No, actually I’m trying to figure out how to go the opposite direction; not how to get the RSS feeds of categories, but aggregating content from another feed into categories. FeedWordPress is a feed aggregator that turns items from a feed into posts; however, you can only set the plug-in to use one category as the category that all the different URLs it is aggregating go into; so every item from, say, goes in the same category as something from, say, a comic book news source. I’m just wanting to categorize the few news-feeds I am syndicating in my blog.

    I think after you’ve entered in a feed link, you’ll want to click on the edit link for the feed and then go down to “Notes” under the Advanced section, where you should put “cats: Some Category” and replace the “Some Category” part with the category you want the feed to deposit its stuff into. That’s what I’ve used for my aggregator. Should be more info here: . Hope that helps.

    Oh wow – I just now realized you had responded to this; THANK YOU so very much! (and sorry I didn’t see that in the documentation earlier – I promise I try really hard to find stuff out before I bug you guys here on the forums!); anyhow, thanks again!

    Does this also work for feeds we have already setup? It appeared to work when I setup a new feed, where it only went into the category specified, but when I tried adding a “cats” line after I had a feed setup I didn’t see a way for it to change the feeds. On updates it did not move add those extra categories to old posts, nor did it put the new ones into anything but the default categories.

    Has anyone been able to get that to work and change categories after setting up a feed initially?

    Quick question about FeedWordpress plugin. Does it allow you to toggle which of the items in a feed, to post or not post ? Or does it just post everything ? Assuming you can enter multiple feeds to aggregate, how do you avoid duplicates ?

    Using FeedWordPress pretty successful, just wondering how can I schedulle the updates (frequency) for all syndicated links?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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