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  • I tried adding a page, and did. Then I added the little header to the right of the blog entries, the header that displays the titles of your static pages. When I did that, all the categories disappeared from the page. So I removed the header, but the categories are still gone. Then i disabled two plugins that I had enabled (two that came with the blog, that only required activating, not ones that I uploaded myself). Still no dice. My 130+ categories are not showing. they’re still there, in a sense. You can click on a post and find your way into the category by clicking it on the post, but the list of categories on the right hand side… gone, gone, gone.


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  • What is the deal here with categories dissappearing? It seems like a bazillion people have had this problem but the fix is still not very clear…. Something like go into your database and ….. GRRRR Why has the been a standing issue for so long?

    I simply want to blog not screw with database tables!!!

    Your post is old but I totally agree. It is discouraging to see this issue has gone on for so long. This seems like a most fundamental function. Like ABC and yest not only do lots of people have the problem but the matter is not addressed in any clear way. The blame seems to put on the blogger for not backing up everything and then understanding how to reinstall it all properly. And I read some posts where this did even fix the problem. Crap.

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