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  • I’m not sure why it was decided that static Pages should not be categorized. On my site it would make absolute sense to be able to assign pages to categories. I have a lot of pages because I have a lot of static content.

    I realized that I can assign a Page to a parent Page. But I don’t need to be able to arrange the static content in a hierarchical way. Plus, this ability was added relatively recently and would require changes in my permalink structure. Several of my Pages have many outside sites linking to them, so this is a very undesirable change. I did add some parent pages, but this does not give me what I really need.

    I think of it this way:

    My site is like a book (work with me on this). The book has chapters that are defined by categories. It has an index that is defined by tags. Then it has this other stuff that has to sit in the appendix because I can’t add it to a chapters, even though it rightly belongs in either a chapter with other content or its own chapter. It’s not easily arranged in a hierarchical way, so it’s hard to present it in any logical fashion that would make it easy for readers to find. I can’t even add it to the index – yes I know I can do this via a plugin – so readers can’t even find it there.

    There’s no rule that says that categories have to be used on pages. But they should be available for those using WP as a CMS who need them. If you agree, please go over to this Idea and vote.

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  • @jabecker, I see your point. Using the SimpleTags plugin might be a a work-around. Tag the pages instead, it’s perfectly allowable, then you can display all with the same “chapter” tag with the built-in query


    or whatever your permalinks for categories and tags are.

    You could create multiple links with these types of queries and put it on your index.php, for example into a text widget.

    Check out the example link from my blog:

    Hope this helps at least a bit.

    One more thing (and this will likely get me branded for “heresy”), in principle, since posts and pages are kept in the same database table (which is somewhat odd in itself), you could edit the “categories field” for a page as well if you were to add it on the write/edit form for pages (in reality this would then be adding new entries into the wp_term_relationships table). You would of course need other changes to display them based on the newly set category field.

    Just saying that it’s not impossible in principle…

    Same for menu_order on posts BTW (I use negative menu_order for my pages to distinguish between different kinds of pages, e.g. “hidden” ones I want a noindex,nofollow header for, etc. and have those suppressed from the pages widget etc. with a small change to the SQL that fetches them).

    @whas27 – thanks for the response.

    I do use simple tags, and I do tag my pages, and yes that does help. I’m also trying out a plugin that lets you assign pages to categories. So I know there are plugin solutions out there.

    But I’d still really like to see this added to WP core.

    I understand that “in the beginning” WP was intended solely for the standard, non-static blog writer who maybe had an “about” page that was static and not much else. But now WP is being used more and more as a CMS. I think that adding Pages into the standard WP taxonomy would help those of us who are trying to do so.

    Categories on Pages shouldn’t be a required usage, I agree. Categories and tags aren’t required now, even on posts. So this is a real “don’t need it / don’t use it” type of solution.

    Let’s see WP grow up a bit.

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