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  • Hello;

    I use custom menu feature in my WP blog ( I double, triple checked making sure I build the menu correctly using the right category name for the menu option.

    When I click on a menu option it will show the right category but my site will simply refresh and redisplay the original front page and not the posts that belong to the category I picked.

    Any suggestions?


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  • Hi,
    That’s odd. Hard to say from outside. Yes, your menu app looks like it’s doing its job. If your menu app has a forum, that’s the first place I’d go, looking for a FAQ or for someone with a similar problem.

    After that, I would check would be your permalink settings, and again, your menu app’s documentation may deal with that (if there is any). This would be my nomination for the offender.

    Also, check your site’s .htaccess file for anything weird there. That could easily cause this kind of problem, and it works with the permalink processing.

    Also, you have tons of plugins running, so one of those may be interfering.

    Lastly, your site doesn’t validate, not even close. But that probably isn’t causing this problem.

    Good luck,

    Hey Dave;

    Thanks for the response. I am using the custom menu feature build into WP, that’s why I am at this forum for a possible solution.
    I know I am using lots of plugins, which I drastically like to reduce but unfortunately don’t know how else to accomplish what I want from my site.
    And thirdly, I checked my .htaccess and although I can’s see anything out of the ordinary, I do recall I am using a permalink redirect since I had to change my urls to include numbers. Maybe that’s the problem?

    Thanks again.


    Oooo, permalink redirect…. that could easily be the problem!!

    Usually WP will create the .htaccess on its own, and it does a great job of that.

    Gee, on my own site I just changed the permalink on a post to include numbers, and it works great. This is, of course, just the end of the URL that can be edited in the editor – the part that’s usually like the page/post title. Are you trying to put numbers elsewhere in the permalink? If not, then you could dump the permalink redirect. Unless you have some super-old version of WP or something, maybe.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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