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  • My WordPress says 2.9.2 – I have three completely separate blogs and all have issues today with disappearing categories and links. They are gone for a couple of hours, back again, then gone again. I have looked through the forum and one of the suggestions was to check the service level in Cpanel. Everything is very low so that’s not the problem. One of my blogs was just created a few hours ago and it has the same issues.

    This is one issue that seems to keep coming up over and over again but with no resolution. I thought maybe plugins, but that wouldn’t affect all three at the same time.

    Does ANYONE have an idea what’s going on?

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  • In that it’s occurring with 3 separate blogs, and assuming they’re all on the same server you might want to check with your host. Maybe someone else here has another suggestion. Sounds like a strange problem.


    I second Inspired2Write, this is a very odd issue.

    This morning it appears to be normal. It must be the server – 3 different themes, different plugins (and no plugins on one of them) so I can’t find anything else they have in common.

    Hopefully there will be no more problems with it today.

    Thank you all for getting back to me.

    Same thing is happening to me.

    If i go into the admin it shows everything UNCATEGORIZED.

    Then I click to EDIT a post then go to RECENTLY USED CATEGORIES and they show, untick and tick and SAVE POST and they come back.

    Then vanish to UNCATEGORIZED a little later.

    Happening on 3 very different blogs on the same host – no logical reason why all of a sudden.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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