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  • I installed 2.3 fresh and imported my sql tables one by one. Everything works ok but the categories are not there. Only default ‘uncategorised’ is available. What to do?

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  • If your ‘sql tables’ are from version 2.1 then you would have a problem.

    Assuming your database backup is as of 2.1, please consider this path of action:
    1. Drop all the WordPress database tables using phpMyAdmin
    2. Import the tables (again using phpMyAdmin).
    3. Assuming you already have the 2.3 files in place, then just browse to the xxxx/wp-admin/upgrade.php to do the upgrade. xxxx would be like or

    I have had the same problem. The SQL database no longer has wp_categories. The editor allows me to add categories but they don’t display on the blog. The same is true with adding links via the Blogroll. There is no links caegory in the database either.

    Deleted the entire install and did it a second time with the same results.


    What happens when you use the WordPress Default 1.6 theme?

    Can your provide a link to see the blog?

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    Hi Mike,
    Can I send you a PM some how?

    I installed 2.3 fresh and imported my sql tables one by one.

    That was a big mistake…
    You should have followed the right upgrade procedure. The database structure has been radically changed in WP 2.3, so you cannot “import” tables from earlier versions.
    Why did you do that?

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    Ok! let me check today I shall try to upgrade. What you suggest? uploading uncompressed or uploading .zip file and then extracting there?

    Some hosts (e.g. hosts offering cPanel) will allow you to upload a zip and uncompress it. But sometimes you have to uncompress on your local machine, then use something like FileZilla to upload.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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