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    I’ve searched the forums and documentations regarding this, but have not found a fix that works. Any help would be much appreciated.

    My categories (renamed “Posters”) suddenly disappeared while I was using WP 2.3.2. Thinking this was a bug issue, I upgraded to 2.5.1, but the problem persists. I did do a correct detailed upgrade, where I turned off all plugins. I had only one plugin. I had thought that the categories became affected after my host server did a server upgrade, but it seems not to be the case.

    This was not a problem of upgrading as the problem occurred before the upgrade, which is what I did hoping to fix the issue.

    I’ve also tried resetting MySQL to no avail.

    My site:

    The categories are in the right sidebar under “Posters”. I am using WP-dtree as my only plugin.


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  • From looking at your website’s source, it seems as though your WP-dtree plugin (or the source for your right hand menu) has become corrupted. Code sample:

    c.openTo(">close all</a>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var c = new dTree('c', true);//-->

    The second line has been partially overwritten with other parts of the page’s source. In addition, this is followed by a new call to instantiate the dTree object, overwriting the c variable which has just been populated, effectively erasing its contents.

    Try re-downloading the plugin. Simply disabling the plugin won’t bring your categories back if your site uses wp_dtree_get_categories(); instead of the standard wp_list_categories().


    Thank so much for your help. (And sorry for the delay in responding — I was out of town.)

    The problem automatically resolved itself after my host server did two separate upgrades. The first upgrade was followed the problem I reported and then after the second upgrade, the problem resolved. I had called the host server about this but they didn’t think they had done anything, although they did modify some kind of php file in the upgrade. I don’t know if these are all coincidences or not.

    However, I will do as you’ve instructed since you’ve seen the corruption.

    Much appreciation,

    I have found the actual problem.

    The bug is with WP-dTree 3.3.2. If I have “open to selection” checked under CATEGORIES in the WP-dTree settings, all the categories disappear. Deselecting that option brought back all the categories.

    I discovered this after I deleted the plugin and reinstalled a fresh copy and the problem was duplicated when I started to make my personal settings.


    Glad you found a solution. Did you let the plugin author know? And can you mark this thread as resolved, please?

    I will. Thanks again.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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