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  • Hi all,
    although I suspect my issue here is quite easy to solve, I haven’t found a

    solution yet.
    here’s what I’m trying to achieve:
    I am making a blog that will change the subject every week.

    At the home page, I need to show posts from current subject (category? tag?)

    it’s like a magazine issue.

    and then have a pagination where I can show prev. subjects.

    when I click on prev, I need to show the previos subject (tag or category) with

    category o tag title, and week date.
    for example


    current issue: the red color
    post 1
    post 2
    post 3


    on this paginated page:

    issue from feb. 21 to 28: best drawing practices

    and again the pagination, this time

    <prev (goes to previos subject) next> goes to current in this case.
    and in permalinks I don’t want it to say:

    domainname/tagorkeyword name (or category)

    In the loop:
    I cannot call the cat_id because it changes every time I add a subject.
    I cannot use showposts=7 because there can be 7 o 5 or only one posts.

    I totally need the permalinks to be like I said before.

    and the pagination how do I achieve it?

    thanks for feedback!!


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  • well, first solution, probably not the most intelligent:

    I will use categories, and order them by ID.
    post the biggest ID at home.

    I am starting with pagination now, so I will get the rest. 😀

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