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  • I don’t know when this happened exactly, But sometime between installing the following plugins, All my posts were moved to “uncategorized” and I no longer see any of my categories

    plugins: Visitor Maps and Who’s Online, Google XML Sitemaps, Google Analyticator

    I went into “categories” to try and remake them, But it says “The category you are trying to create already exists.”

    please, please, PLEASE help. this is so important.

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  • So, de-activate all these “less” vital plugins for now and see what goes?

    Wow its so weird… I went to go do that like you said, and everything is magically fixed. wtf is that about lol.

    Good, with the plugins de-activated?
    Then you can start activating them one at a time and check after each one if the categories stay alive.
    And mark the topic as Resolved please (righthand side of this screen)

    (I’m using this thread because I don’t want to start another on the same problem.)

    I have the exact same problem!

    Deactivating my plugins didn’t work. Any other solutions?
    I have YARR, Twitter for WordPress and Akismet installed (which I’d just deactivated). I’d upgraded the 2.9.2 and the issue started. Not sure if it’s a cause of coincidence.

    Here’s my problem in detail:
    Here’s the issue:
    Suddenly, all my posts are now filed under “Uncategorized” and all my tags have gone missing.
    When I login to my dashboard, it says I have 19 categories and 248 tags. But when I go into the Categories management section of WordPress, no categories show. It says that I have no categories. However, when I try to add a category with the same name as what I used to have, it says the category exists already and thus can’t be created. But they are not there!

    In my Edit Posts section, in the table listing of my posts, all of the entries say “Uncategorized” and “No Tags”. I am seriously disturbed.
    I opened up an entry and then tried to assign a category and clicked “Update”. When it updated, it went back to being uncategorized with ‘no categories’ on the widget on the right. However, clicking on the “most used categories” section produced my categories and a tick at the one I chose, but it just doesn’t show. The post shows as “Uncategorized”.

    Yesterday, the categories appeared in my archives page on my website but when I clicked on them, they said “no posts” exist under the categories. Today, in my archives page, it says “No categories”. I’m getting really frustrated. It’s a little inconsistent so I’m wondering what’s going on.

    Here’s my site for reference:
    Archives page –
    Site –

    If the archives show up again, that’s great, but I want to know what’s going on so I can try to prevent it in the future. Any help will be appreciated!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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