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  • This is a follow up to a previous post. After some earlier trouble with performance, I reinstalled by blog on yahoo web hosting. I disabled most of the plugins, etc, so that I could be sure what the cause of the problems was. Things proceeded fine. I managed to get to import my blogger posts using the import utility. Things started slowing down a little (very little) when I started changing all my old posts from “uncategorized” to specific tags using the WP “manage” page. Somewhere along the way there, the perforance went into the tank. Its taking me 105 seconds to load the dashboard from the “site admin” link on front page. I only have 43 posts (imported about 50 or so but deleted about 7 or 8). Under the manage menu when I try and change months, it takes about a 100 seconds and then I get a blank page. After this I can’t access my blog till for a bit.

    I am using WP RC2 (which is what Yahoo is installing by default)

    I know I am repeating myself, but this is very frustrating. Any explanations? MySQL issues?



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  • Try commenting out all of the stupid crap feeds the dashboard loads by default. They’re in /wp-admin/index.php.

    I will give that a shot. I have asked others to try and access the blog and they are having trouble opening the blog and definitely many of the comments. Note that all these came from blogger.

    Well, my advice was based on “105 seconds to load the dashboard from the “site admin” link on front page”. I don’t know that the rss stuff there even if commented out will help the problem with comments.

    And I’ve never used blogger, so I really have no clue there, sorry!

    Thanks anyway .. My gut feeling is that it is something to do with WP and MySQL, but can’t be sure. Hopefully someone else has some ideas

    I helped importing a blog from blogger with over 7,000 posts and now they are well over 8,000. I admit, the main page is a bit bloated and too many mysql queries… but still doesn’t take more than 20-30 second to show up.
    Clicking the login – is a few seconds to get into the dashboard.

    That is the information I needed. Right now I have about 40 posts (after deleting some). If I just load the blog itself everything seems OK, but if I start using the comment, posting and management tools, things start slowing down. I am going to work with my web host to see if it is anything at their end, otherwise I am going to try and use the blog without importing for a bit to see if it was related purely to that.

    I am trying a new experiment. I deleted the blog and set it up again, but I am not going to import my old posts at this time. I want to make sure that it was the blogger import that was the issue. If things work well for a bit then I will look into that again.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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