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  • Woocommerce: 2.1.2
    Running WP-catalogue 1.7.1
    WordPress 3.8.1
    PHP: 5.3.5
    Apache 2.4

    Things tried: Defaulting to the Twenty Eleven theme(no help) and rebuilding permalinks(no help). Disabling conflicting plugins(helped, but not helpful (-: ).

    I recently installed Woocommerce, and everything went well. I tested with a bookmark to a single item. However, I never tested with a category so I never noticed the following in testing: While the categories display on the page with [product_categories…] short code just fine, clicking on any them will give me the WP-Catalogue categories instead. When using the menu tied to WP-Catalogue, it behaves normally and as expected.

    If I deactivate WP-catalogue, everything works fine. Regardless of the status of Woocommerce (installed, uninstalled, active, deactivated), WP-catalogue by itself always works fine.

    Here is the link:

    Click on menu items Alpacas Available for WP-Catalogue and Farm Store for woocommerce. The farm store link will retrieve the two woocommerce test categories, but once you click on one of them, you get the WP-Catalogue categories

    WP-Catalogue was installed first

    I hope this helps and accurately describes everything. Let me know if you need more information.

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  • PS: Clicking on “View Category” on the admin bar while editing a Product Category creates the same aberrant behavior

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