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  • Hey
    Im running MT as my blog, but working on a WP blog to take over. On my blog i got the posts that i filede under a category showing as links. That way it works a bit like a menu. Some of my posts are really static stuff but it is very easy just to use my blog for all my things. I cant find out how to do that in WP. I have seen plugins that show subcategoryes etc. But i really wants something that work like my MT blog.(and i dont wants to continue with MT;-)

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  • yes,
    i do something similar.
    i use a menu bar to guide readers to the various sections.
    these links are really just cat archives.
    i display only one complete post in this destination, and use a sidebar to display all the recent entries in the category (via customizable-post-listings)
    so the page serves both as a read only section, as well as an archive for that same section.
    the front page data is not a blog-style page. it is simply the most recent post form any category, and several columns of links.
    see here
    hope that’s helpful.

    Thanks for the answers!
    To dss: It is something similar to your sidebar that displays the most recent entries. How did you make it, do you have any examples?
    Another solution would be to make the numbers of entries apear like PlanetPhilip does, is that via a plugin?
    Bye the way, i really liked both your sites.

    All you need to do to add the post count is use this code in your index page:
    <?php wp_list_cats('sort_column=name&optioncount=1'); ?>

    Have a look on the WP Wiki for the other options available.
    Thank you for you kind comments about my site.
    Although not directed at me the recent entries can be accomplished via a plugin, I know because I used it for a while. Again, look in the Wiki for the list of plugins, you may find a few things you haven’t thought of.

    I been looking at the Plugins and found one namede “Customizable Post Listings” by changing that a bit i think im able to make it work!!
    I really like working with WP and PHP. Im looking forward to make it my main blog!
    Thank for your help!!

    Try here:
    The plugins are REALLY easy to install and use and they all come in one small file.

    I usede the “Customizable Post Listings”. And you can se the result on It works like a selfupdating menu. Some of the Categorys i just show in alfabetical order and all the post, and others i just show the 10 most recent post.
    Im really happy with the result, but there is still some tweeking to do;-)
    And a nice Christmas to all og you!!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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