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  • Hi Ulf

    I know this has been discussed a thousand times and I have READ all the threads on this, and I have followed their instructions and I have read and followed your instructions in the FAQ to take the dtree.css and copy it to the themes css and play around with it, to style it the way I want it.

    The problem is Ulf, I do not know CSS well, my knowledge is limited, and I have spent hours trying to get the css to do what I want it to do but to no avail. So I am asking very nicely for your help, please.

    Currently the plugin looks like this on my blog, see here:
    You will see for instance that words: “Abuse, Railer, Reviler” do not align nicely and move all the way to the left, instead of indenting under the word “Abusive”

    | | | — Abusive Language, Verbal
    Abuse, Railer, Reviler

    So it must look like this:

    | | | — Abusive Language, Verbal
    ——–>Abuse, Railer, Reviler

    I have even contacted the people who built my theme, Apahaulpa and they have tried unsuccessfully to get the CSS to work. They have now requested I contact you and ask you for help.

    I have even tried the following and it has not worked at all, it just stays in the same position as shown in the attachment.

    dtree .node {
    text-indent: -30px;
    padding-left: 35px;
    padding-right: 5px;

    Can you please help and give me some code that will work and solve my problem 🙂

    I would really appreciate it very very much!

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