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    I have installed WP 2.2 and have most everything working fine. However, when you click on the post categories they do not work. Check out the site and click on a category. Do I need to create an .htaccess file? If so, can someone help me with what to include in it? Thanks.

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  • > when you click on the post categories they do not work

    Thanks. For the future, it’s better to explain what happens rather than saying something does not work; it’s just not enough information.

    At any rate, since you’re using the “prettified” URLs (at least, that’s what we used to call them around here), you absolutely will need an .htaccess file. Create one in a text editor (not word processor), upload it, and re-save your Permalink Options:

    Options > Permalinks

    Then check your .htaccess file on the server; if WP hasn’t written some code into it, just copy the code from the Customize Permalink Structure page into it and upload it again.

    I apologize for not being more specific. I truly appreciate your help and will be more thorough next time. Your suggestion fixed the problem.



    It’s okay; people normally just say that something didn’t work, so one has to follow up.

    Glad it worked for you — good job!

    I’m experiencing a similar problem with WordPress 2.2. I cannot add a category without doing it directly in the underlying MySQL database.
    I have tried the method advocated by jzmills but nothing changes.
    When I try to add a category using the Manage => Categories option (ie. Add a ‘Category name’ then select ‘Add Category>’ the screen display messes up (the text elements at the top of the screen centre and change to a serif font and a screenshot of the blog front page appear below the text) but the category does not appear.
    A category cannot be added on the Write => Posts page either.
    I’ve also tried to create posts with patchy success but after another complete clean install posts can now be made.
    I took jzmills advice concerning .htaccess but this has made no difference.
    Any ideas?

    Normally, in every version of WP I’ve used, a new category won’t appear on the blog until one post has been made to that category.

    That said, puzzled 94, it sounds like something(s) is really wrong with your WP install — because sorting out the category links on the blog is a different issue than not being able to add new categories at all. Or do you mean that you reinstalled and now everything’s fine?

    In either case, you can go to the Options > Permalinks page to reset your URLs; perhaps that’s all that’s wrong.

    Otherwise, I would start another thread with the above information, including enough information for others to determine what’s wrong.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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