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  • Same problem here…

    I’m using WordPress as a CMS for a company.

    *Each Post is equal to a product…
    *Each category is (supposed to be) full of products

    I ended up just erasing all categories trying to start over!

    Now when I create a whole new category and populate it with one post (product) absolutely nothing happens.

    I’m glad all my posts are still intact, but I need to create catagories THAT WORK!!! Can someone PLEASE help me???

    I have researched the whole “Tags”…I’m a somewhat bright person…but it makes no sence at all! I miss the way it used to be with categories…when it worked. Someone please walk me through this…please???

    I’ll buy ya coffee and send a little gift your way for helping me wrap my brain around this…

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  • Help? Anyone?
    I know I’m nit the only one with this problem

    You’re not very clear on the issue – that’s probably why you’re not getting any answers. You simply say that each product = 1 post, and you’re categorizing the products. Then you erased all the categories to “start over”.

    Why? What was wrong? What theme are you using? Did it use queries based on the categories (that you’ve erased)? The links (that are now linkless) don’t show anything because there’s not posts associated with them.

    Just saying “they don’t work” doesn’t tell us anything. You have to give us more information.

    “they don’t work”

    I create a category…
    I try to add a post to the category…
    The category doesn’t show up on the site…

    When returning to the back end, the categories are no longer listed in the manage/catagories area.

    BUT if I go to edit the post, there’s a list of the categories to choose from on the right (although it doesn’t work). If I select a category here, it only shows up as uncategoried.

    It doesn’t work.
    Thanks for replying! I appreciate it!

    to add a category to a post, you go into the post, select the category from the category list (deselect the ‘uncategorized’ category) then save your post.

    Nope…That didn’t work.

    If anyone needs to see it for themselves, I’d be happy to e’ya a login…

    what is the address to your wordpress site? the site in your profile is a zencart site

    ok, i just emailed ya

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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