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  • In 2.6, Categories and Tags are located below the Posting input window. After writing a post, I now have to scroll the window down before clicking on them. Since I use non-default Categories on the majority of my posts, the amount of scrolling I need to do has increased dramatically. Can this be remedied?

    On the right-hand side of the Posting input window, there is a practically useless “Related” field. It includes such items as “Manage All Comments, Manage All Posts, Manage All Categories, Manage All Tags and View Drafts”. When I am posting an entry, I do not need access to these functions. Additionally, these functions are available via other parts of the eminently-available WordPress nav bar.

    Could you remove the “Related” section and replace it with “Categories” and “Tags”? That would be very useful.

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    hello gadlen. Categories and tags moved below post area already in version 2.5

    jabecker has posted a hack 3 days ago to bring back the categories and other stuff on the right hand column. Depending on browser though, you might have to make a minor modification or two.
    for the 2.6 version near bottom of page

    Before uploading, read the posts on said topic and make sure you have backup of your wp-admin folder. Good luck.

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