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  1. billdancourtney
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Seems I am not the only person with this issues nor is this a problem new to 2.8.4. My tags and categories and blog links are gone. They still exist somewhere in my database however. I am not a wiz at this stuff and it can be really hard. For the moment I am not getting much help from the tech guy at my hosting service and maybe that will change if I can get someone else.

    If I try to add an old category I get a 'category already exists' type message. Tag cloud still shows but cannot add new tags in post edit section. All posts show as 'uncategorized'. For a couple days everything was normal, I did nothing, and then it all vanished again. There are lots of posts here on the problem, many going back to 2.6, but no real solution. I tried using my provider to restore previous settings but that did not work for certain reasons.

    Any clue what this is all about? What has been done before? Will the matter be okay after 2.8.5 (of course no one can know this for sure, but wonder if upgrades in the past have helped).

    Does not seem there is much I can do.


  2. billdancourtney
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Also: My category widget vnishes as well, but recently the widget returns and shows my categories but will not open to the list if I selecet a particular category. I simply get a 'not found' message. Also, usually my categories do not show on my post edit page, but today they do show. But I cannot do anything with them. On my category page I get the two pages option to chose from but no list under the pages.

    I have deactivated all plugins and still have the problem. Can this be a widget issue? Or is some sort of caching problem? I use hyper cache and have had no such problems before. If it is a CPanel issue I am afraid to mess with much there like php files. Waiting for a tech guy at my service to return from vacation and maybe he can help. The guy on duty now is simply arrogant. But that is another issue.

    Anyone ever resolved this problem?


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