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    I was wondering if the developer had any thoughts about creating new ways of categorizing, tagging and otherwise handling the post-from-email function.

    What I’m doing is using WordPress as an email archive for notifications sent to a listserv through mailman. So I send the email, it posts to wordpress through postie. Mailman fortunately by defaults has a subject header in [] brackets, so I can use that to automatically define the category from the listserv. It works great actually. What I like less is that I have to write the tags: command in the body of the email. If it were just going to WordPress that would be fine, but as it also take the direct-to-consumer path via email, that tag statement is a little awkward.

    I don’t use many other commands, but I could see that if I did it would start littering-up the emails with code that would make no sense at all to the reader viewing the message through their email client. I tried using a line to separate the end of the message but that looks a awkward on the WordPress side. Any ideas out there?

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