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  • Gillie2tat


    OK I suppose I have two questions here.

    I’d like to get my Categories to display so that when clicked on (NOT when moused over) they display a series of sub categories – in other words, if the main category is Diary Entries January 2005 with individual daily entries linked to it as sub categories, I don’t want the sub categories to show up unless somebody actually clicks on Diary Entries January 2005.

    I’d like to do the same with my links as the links and categories bar is getting far too long on my blog –

    And on top of THAT I’d like to be able to get the Categories to display above the links listings, not below them where no-one will notice they’re there – I have had readers e-mail me asking me why something wasn’t on a page on my site only to find they didn’t know to use the scrollbar! This is also related to the problem of people skimming web pages – that’s why I would prefer the Categories at the top.

    Please bear in mind that I don’t know PHP and will need newbie level instructions if they are provided:) I suspect this is all stuff that will need to be hacked into the wp-index.php file.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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