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  • Hello,

    I am just beginning to use Widgets, and I have discovered that they all work except for ‘Categories’, and ‘Search’.

    Categories do show, and display the drop down button, and even list the amount count for each Category listed, but when a category is clicked, it just goes to my site’s main page. And at the end of the url, it shows:


    the ‘##’ being different for whichever category I choose.

    Same result for doing a ‘Search’, type in a phrase, or word, and it just goes to my site’s main page. And at the end of the url it shows:


    the ‘___’ being the word typed in the search field.

    The ‘Archives’ widget functions, as well as the ‘Calendar’, and ‘Tags’ widgets, and pull up their respective entries associated… just the ‘Categories’ and ‘Search’ don’t, why would that be?

    I checked the ‘archive.php’, and ‘search.php’ codes, and compared them (I am using the Coraline theme), with TwentyEleven, and find that Coraline’s code is like half the size than TwentyEleven’s codes for each… could that be it? Could I copy and paste TwentyEleven’s codes into Coraline’s and just change the places where it names the theme within the code?

    I would really like to be able to use both widget capabilities.

    I would also like to install and use ProPhoto for my photography site, and was reading their tutorials before considering making the very large purchase, and they say in installing WordPress, that to have it as I have it currently and want – to have WordPress run in my root directory and not in a subdirectory, that I should remove all of the contents in a downloaded WordPress folder, and place it, and not the folder containing all of the items, directly into the root directory of my site… is that right? Their tutorials seem a year or two old, as they show how to do things in like WP 2.7 or something… is that an outdated thing to do, or is that something that still needs to be done? For right now, I have the wordpress folder, containing all of it’s stuff, in my site’s root directory, and have just had that location entered in as my WordPress Address in the ‘General Settings’, and has worked fine that way.

    Could that be what is causing my ‘Categories’ and/or ‘Search’ widget functions to not work?

    Also, to just give you as much info as I can think of to help you help me, I have my permalink structure set as thusly:


    If anyone can assist, I would greatly appreciate your time and help! Thank you,

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  • I just found another post in this ‘Category Widget’ tag, who also never got any help or reply back, and they were able to get the Category Widget to work, if they deselected the “Display As Dropdown” and just had the categories listed one right after another, in whatever area you place the Category Widget.

    I tried that, and found that if I did uncheck the “Display As Dropdown” box, that clicking on a category then took me to that Category’s entries. Which is all well and good, and glad that is an option, that actually works, but, it takes up a lot of space, that having the convenient drop down menu serves better use in keeping the area nice and tidy. So, for BuddhaNature, and myself, why will the Category Widget work in list form and not in dropdown form, and how to fix it so that it does work in drop down form?

    Thank you for your time,

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