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  • I imported some “default” content for testing purposes on my 3.0 Beta installation. The import data contained parent, child and grandchild categories. In the Admin > Posts > Categories section, the only ones that initially were listed were the “parent” categories. I, then, created my own “parent” and “child” categories. At that point the “child” and “grandchild” categories that were part of the import became visible.

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    I suspect that was because you didn’t have any posts in the parent cat, and just the children. I’d have to test it on 2.9.2, but I bet that’s been a bug for a while 🙂 No posts IN the cat, cat doesn’t get imported.

    I exported from 2.92, imported into 3.0.
    Categories didn’t all come across properly

    How do I merge categories, so posts reference the same category, of those with the same name?

    For example, Category “Internet Marketing” imported with slugs internetmktg, internet-marketing-2, internet-marketing-3, internet-marketing-4, internet-marketing-4

    “Real estate” imported with slugs realestate, real-estate-2, real-estate-3, real-estate-4, real-estate-5

    However, not all 2-word categories imported wrong, Small Business imported correctly, with multiple posts using it.

    Perhaps problem was where I manually changed the slug, so instead of a name “Real Estate” and slug real-estate, I’d used realestate?

    Whatever the cause, how do I have posts reference one Category?

    Seems I had Tag with slug “real-estate”, so can’t have Category with that same slug. Same with Tag internet-marketing, can’t have Category with same slug.

    Still, probably a bug in 3.0 Importer, that the conversion added different numbers to the slug.

    Is there a way to use SQL or a plug-in, to merge Categories (both the category list, and have the posts be updated to use the merged category)?

    I had similar prob, imported from 2.8.4 now there are multiple copies of many of my categories but the import gave them each different slugs, so I’ll have Desserts with slug desserts-2, then another one with slug desserts-3, etc. each with only one post, and then another one Desserts under the proper parent category Recipes. Help! I don’t want to sort this manually!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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