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    I was wondering does any one know what’s happened ? After finally upgrading to Word Press 2.0, I went to post and those new moveable AJAX boxes which have content just move and don’t show the content and I tried clicking on them but still nothing they just move… Oh and 1 other problem : my MySQL database got messed up and I found a way to copy to posts categories and all the info related to that but after I imported them they were on the blog and the categories were there with the correct number of posts but when I click on them the posts were gone I found them in a new categories call uncategorized how do I fix it or edit in? (not 1 by 1, Please)… Thanks.

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  • Wow, was that a moutful 😉

    If I understand you right, that the post have gathered in the Uncategorized category, there would be a rough soloution.
    Provided of course that there are not too many posts.

    You can go to Magage Posts on the Dashboard and visit each post you want to move into certain category, click edit to open the editor for the post, deselect the Uncategorized category and select any categories you want that post to belong to and Republish/Save.

    However you might have more problems than that and you have to wait for other answers, or maybe fix it by making the changes to the MySQL database directly.
    (Well that was another mouthful I guess 😎

    This was my MySQL fix after the database was ruined, I coped the post can categories tables… Also any one wiling to tell me how to fix the AJAX boxes in the post area ? they are never expanded, all they do is move not show what they are supposed to… Help, Please ? Thanks

    Click the plus sign and if that doesn’t work make sure your browser supports AJAX. I reccomend Firefox.

    I’m useing Firefox 1.5 and all I get is the box and at just moves when I try to click on it it seems to just drag but I never get a plus sign, if I saw it I would have know to debug but not one have I seen it… Please Tell me how to fix it. Thanks…

    The plus is on the right side if it was working normally. I’m at a loss as to why it’s not working.

    O.K, I spent the last few days debugging it and it turns out the images were corrupted, when they were uploaded so they were never displayed. re uploaded them and It works now… Thanks, if you never would have told me about that I’d never of known to check.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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