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    So I have my categories all set up under my shop and all my products are showing up under the proper categories but for some reason one of my categories will not show the products when you click on it from the main menu? Under categories it shows I have products in there and when I go to my shop it lists the products under that category but when I specifically click on the link for that particular category nothing shows up. Any ideas??
    the category is Toys/Games/Books- when you click on that heading under my shop nothing comes us but if you click on my shop the products are all there.
    All other categories are showing up or tell me that there are no products in that category (which some categories are empty as I am still adding products).

    I have deleted the category and added it again but that hasn’t helped.

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  • This is the WP e-Commerce plugin correct?

    Not familiar with the theme so this is a guess, it looks like you are matching the page slug with the category slug?

    It is now showing as /products-page/toysgamesbooks-2/ does the theme use the page slug toysgamesbooks-2 to list products and are there products in a matching category toysgamesbooks-2

    You can edit the category slug and the page / post slug to match at the editor {screen options} > slug, and then add some products.



    Here’s the issue. When you go into the category then the subcategory (which works) you get this: products-page/gamesbookstoys/

    But when you go directly to the subpage through the dropdown you are taken here instead: products-page/toysgamesbooks-2/

    As you can see, those are two different pages. Something is up in the menu.

    Thanks guys, I did notice the 2 at the end and figured it had something to do with that since none of my other categories had that in the permalink. Just figuring out now how to change that. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

    ok so I redid the category and now the -2 is no longer showing but I am still getting the same result? I am missing something else? Yes this is WP e-commerce plug in.

    ok guys, please disregard, I figured it out, it was a simple thing, I did have them labelled differently. Thanks again for your time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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