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  • Update on my question: I could find out how to do it, but I’m still stuck on 1 thing.

    With this text you create the titel above the events in the url categories:


    But I need to change this title to the month where in the events are. For example you’ve got 10 events, 2 fall in June, 5 in Juli and 3 in August. I want to see each event grouped in a month.



    NetWebLogic Support

    Hi Niels,

    I’m not 100% sure I follow what you need to do. Am I right in thinking you want to find out and display the number of events shown by the #_CATEGORYNEXTEVENTS placeholder?

    Euh sorry I don’t understand what #_CATEGORYNEXTEVENTS exactly means. I want to show all events in a categorie and split them up monthly. But I’m stuck on how to split them up for each month.

    Maybe I need to give you some more info, so normally when you click on a event button you will see the page events from event manager. There you see for example all the events split up for each month. This I want to create on the categorie page from one of my categories, because I don’t want to see them all at once, I want to see just the events from 1 categorie. For example in the settings from ‘events’, you can adjust the grouping effect with a button, you can switch, between, group by days, weeks, months, years and etc. But this option, you don’t have with the settings from ‘categories’ and that’s my problem. I already copied the layout from the normal event settings, but I can’t control the group sorting. Or do I need to filter by categories on my event page? But I don’t know how to do that. So I got 2 options, find how to sort a group for each month or find how to filter all my events to 1 specific categorie.

    I hope this explains my situation better 🙂



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    I think this is what you’re looking for:

    [events_list_grouped category=1]

    Just replace 1 with correct category ID.

    No, not really, at least I see the events grouped now, but again, it shows all the events but now it sorts all the events from the ID I gave but under all those sorted events it shows the events from my other categorie and they aren’t sorted. So now I still got 2 problems, on bouth category pages it shows the same. Because I cant ajust the ID categorie for another page and under all the good sorted events, the events from my other categorie are shown not sorted.



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    What page are you using the shortcode above on? Can you post a link?

    This is a picture, how my result looks like:

    I used the shortcode at the event settings, on the part ‘formatting’, inside ‘event categories’ at the line ‘Single category page format’.

    Inside that line I putted this: #_CATEGORYNOTES<h3>[events_list_grouped category=54]</h3>#_CATEGORYNEXTEVENTS



    NetWebLogic Support

    So the problem at this stage, if I understand correctly, is just that you can’t dynamically set the category ID?

    I’m also in contact with a colleague of you if I’m right, on the proForum about this:

    I hope you can read it.

    Yes indeed, I can’t dynamically set the category ID, but your colleague send me this:

    [events_list_grouped category=”54″ scope=”future” mode=”monthly”]
    [events_list_grouped category=”38″ scope=”future” mode=”monthly”]

    If you’re wondering where I putted this code: settings > formatting > event categories > Single category page format

    Normally this should do the trick, but when I do this, I got all my events sorted on both pages and after all my sorted events, I get out of nowhere 4 double events that aren’t sorted. Normally I only got 8 events in total, but I’ve got 12 on each page now.

    So my goal is still the same:

    I’ve got 2 pages, on each page I have 1 categorie (called categoryID 54 and 38). My categoryID 54 should have 3 events sorted monthly and my categoryID 38 should have 5 events sorted monthly.

    I hope this explains it

    I think this is exactly what I’m trying to do. I have the Events page grouping set to monthly and it works perfectly. However, my events will only be viewed by category (which is a location). I want to group the events by month on each Single Category Page. How can I do that?

    This is what I want:

    on this page:

    Thank you!

    aself, maybe you can try my last suggestion from this thread –

    Thank you Angelo! It worked perfectly.

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