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  1. Bruno Augusto
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Good morning,

    I'm developing a WordPress Theme a little more complex than usual. One of these complexities involves PHP Exceptions.

    As usual, I have a menu created with add_menu_page() and its child with add_submenu_page().

    The last argument of add_submenu_page() is a callback function and I'm dispatching a class method here, using array notation:

    array( $clasObj, $methodInvoked );

    Fine! If something goes wrong here, one of my Exceptions is thrown and I have a specific action to take when (and if) this occur.

    But I don't know where to add the catch block.

    I have a custom Exception Handler which describe in details the stack trace and I can see only two WordPress functions being called:

    do_action() from admin.php passing as argument toplevel_page_slug_i_defined

    call_user_func_array() from plugin.php passing as argument the array I described above, containing the class object and the method to be invoked.

    I tried to add the catch block when the object is created, when add_submenu_page() is called and nothing! I even tried add it in functions.php file, where I start the whole process without success.

    The only place I could effectively catch this Exception was inside the Controller, but doesn't make sense to repeat all the routines in every Controller class and in every Action.

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