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  • I’m going nuts trying to get the colon out from between the post title and the post excerpt which the catch box theme inserts when you feature the post in the slider

    my site:

    I thought I’d found the culprit in functions.php, @ line 727:

    <div class="featured-text">'
    .the_title( '<span>','</span>', false ).' :
    </div><!-- .featured-text -->

    but removing the colon at the end of that second line didn’t remove the colon on the site (or have any noticeable effect on anything). (Yes, I’m at a total loss when it comes to php.)

    P.S. I am using a plugin called DP Excerpt which allows me to better control my excerpts, but I’m thinking that’s not an issue here

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  • Hi alicetesla,

    You have figured out correctly, its the same colon appearing in the front-end slider title. If you don’t want colon to appear in front-end just remove the colon in above code that you have pasted. Then go to featured slider under appearance menu in backend and click save. It will clear the caching. This will do the job but i don’t recommend you to modify the theme core file as your changes will not remain after version update of the theme. In our upcoming version we will try to put an option to remove that colon.

    Rabin( Catch Themes)

    Hi Rabin,
    Ah, so it was the caching that I was missing. Totally worked (I replaced the colon with a pipe). Thanks!
    I know that modifying the core theme files means I have to do it all over again when an update comes, but because I’m hopeless at building child themes, I’m sadly used to this kind of thing… Hopefully you’ll have a moment to insert the option to choose the separation character there, or none at all.
    Thanks again,

    Hi Rabin
    is there any way of changing the code so that the header text in the slider is more distinct (a <h2> header attribute maybe) or that formatting in the master text carries over (eg I often use italics to create a standfirst on posts, as there’s no box for that in the theme)?
    thanks in advance
    PS I like the theme a lot – trying to adjust it to fit our needs!

    If you want to style the text in slider more differently then you can use custom css option inside your theme option. Just go to Theme options under Appearance menu in your backend. In the Custom CSS style box you can try any css style you like this will overide the default. If you want to change the slider text title then you can copy and paste this code

    #slider-wrap .featured-text span { font-size: 18px; font-style:italic; } 

    you can change the font-size styles with whatever you like. To change the slider text you can copy this

    #slider-wrap .featured-text{ font-size: 15px; font-style:italic; } 

    Hope this helps you
    Rabin(Catch Themes)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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