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    This is my 5th WordPress website completed today using Catch Box theme. Client called to say it is a mess on his PC using his IE browser. I am on a Mac with Safari and the site is just how I wanted it – sadly he doesn’t see it this way. I ran it thru a browser check and it is indeed a mess on IE.

    I have run it thru the validator and got some errors however I don’t understand why this is happening to this site when I’ve never had a problem before. Should I change themes?

    URL is

    Hoping someone can help me. I don’t want to spend tomorrow finding a new theme and redoing everything 🙁

    Appreciate any suggestions.

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  • I only see it messed up on IE6. Which is expected.

    What exactly do you see in IE7, IE8, IE9 that is displayed incorrectly.

    I have asked client to tell me what version he has – waiting for him to get back to me.

    Not sure what version IE it was when I ran browser check. Did it thru the Adobe Browserlab.

    But thank you so much for clarifying which versions are OK. Perhaps client needs to upgrade – will see what info he comes back to me with.

    Truly appreciate your super speedy response & help – you’re an angel.

    And just when I thought I’d finished this site…

    Sorry Ronangelo, I should have clarified what exactly is messed up. My apologies. It is mainly the product pages.

    I think my problem lies with the table I’ve inserted on the product pages ie. is completely out of whack.

    This was a plugin called tinyMCE Advanced.

    I tested the site on and it showed those product pages as being a mess.

    If it is this table that is causing the problem, then my frustration is doubled. It took me ages to find a table (and this one is FAR from perfect) that was simple and user-friendly – and I should probably raise this in a different thread.

    I may have to re-do these product pages without a table and hope this improves things.

    Any advice / suggestions from anyone would be hugely appreciated.


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    I haven’t looked at your website, but generally the first rule towards browser compatibility is validation. Run your website through W3C’s validator. If errors are thrown, refer to this document that explains all deviations.

    Thanks Andrew. I did do that however I am VERY new at this and not sure what I’m supposed to do with this information.

    That aside, as I said, this is my fifth website and I’ve never had an issue before now regarding IE – that’s why I think it could be the tables I’ve inserted using the tinyMCE Advanced plugin on each of the product pages. The other pages appear “good enough” on IE. I am still waiting for client to advise what version he is using.

    My other plan of action is to try adding plugins to assist with the compatibility with IE. Is it OK to activate multiple plugins (in the hope SOMETHING works?).

    Was thinking of Selectivzr, HTML5shiv, WordPress Modernizr & IE CSS3 support plugins?

    I’ll try anything! I had other plans for today – not this. So much for thinking I’d finished the site yesterday.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    It seems the problem lay with the table I used (tinyMCE Advanced plugin) on each of the product pages.

    Since deleting the contents of each product page and just inserting images with text beside each one, the client says it looks fine on his PC (using IE). (btw he never did tell me what version of IE he is using).

    So thank you to those who responded to my thread and your help offered – I truly appreciate it.

    Now I need to open a new thread asking whether anybody knows of a nice simple table that IE likes too?! Not getting my hopes up though.

    Thanks again everyone.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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