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  • ahoyroo


    Updated to the latest version of Catch box (1.5.6) but both before and after the change my website in development ( – user dogs password rescue) has a problem displaying on mobile or small screen devices.
    Should I code my banner differently with a fixed size (or max width) image? At the moment I have a banner 950px wide with the h1 id=”site-title” and h1 id=”site-description” appearing on top of that.

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    @ahoyroo: it’s not the theme problem but the custom css in your child theme is the main problem.

    I’ve now published the website without username and password at – I think the problem is that I cannot have an image in the header that is right aligned, only one that is left aligned? Having both seems to be the problem.

    @ahoyroo: In your child theme you have added the static header image and background as below:

    body {
        background: url("") repeat scroll 0 0 #000033;
    hgroup {
        background: url("") no-repeat scroll center center #FFFFFF;

    You need to delete this and add the Custom Header. See this to add custom header.

    And for the background, use Custom Background. See this to add custom background.

    Thank you @shyamkrm I have now done this.

    But – the site description and site title text now goes onto another line and I cannot seem to change it. I want the text to appear in the middle (next to the Custom Header image rather than underneath it).

    I’m sorry if this is basic CSS, but nothing I am trying seems to change anything.

    I’d also like to set a background image ‘behind’ the search box if possible, but I’ve tried setting this using my child theme Stylesheet and again none of the changes I am making seem to have any effect.

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    @ahoyroo: why don’t you add the large image so that you have image below the search bar as well.

    @sakin: thanks for your reply – I don’t want to add a header image that is larger in terms of width than the recommended 300px wide because I want my layout to be ‘reponsive’ and shrink to fit screens on small handheld devices like Blackberrys.

    The main issue at the moment is on a normal size screen having the site-title and site-description on the same line as my logo rather than underneath.

    Theme Author Catch Themes


    @ahoyroo: No you wan add the large image and it will still be responsive. If you want to add the site title and description inline then you need to add that in Custom CSS box.

    @sakin thanks again for your assistance. I am getting there – but it looks as if I have to make a choice between positioning the text (as now, latest revision this afternoon 24th December) in an ideal place for screens at 1280×768 and larger, or putting it (as seems to be default with no Custom CSS) underneath the header image.
    I know I could just have my text as part of the large header image but I wanted to try to code it separately.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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