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    Background: When someone posts a comment on my blog, WP sends me an email that contains the text of the comment. I’m using Spam Karma 2 to block comment spam, but occasionally a comment comes through that is spam. Comcast’s spam filters look at the email, decide it is spam and then block all subsequent emails from my blog server, so I’m no longer notified about any new comments posted on the blog. I then have to report the problem to my blog host who sends a request to unblock the server. This has happened several times and takes days to resolve.

    Request: I’d like to remove the text of comments from the emails that WP sends to me. Then I can still be notified of new comments but their content will not be seen by Comcast’s spam filters. Where in the WP code can I change things so that the comment text is not sent to me? Thanks in advance for any help.

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