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    I was adding a post and realized that I needed a different Catagory Tag to link it, so I saved a draft of the post and went to the Catagory section to add my new catagory. When I hit save and went back to tag my post, all of my catagories were gone.

    I went to catagories and was just going to add them back, but it says that my catagories already exist- even though nothing is showing up.

    Has anyone had this happen or know how to restore my catagories? Please help.

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  • Josh


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    Have you tried clearing your browser? Or accessing your admin from another browser to see if it works?

    I just did that and nothing changed. I know that they are somewhere because they show up on my site, but not in my dashboard. In the dashboard it show “No Catagories found”. On the site everything is arranged by catagories just like I have it set up.

    It has really frustrated me? Do you have any other ideas?

    Thank you for your help Josh. I figured it out. I added a plugin earlier today, so I deactivated it to see it that could have caused them to go away. Sure enough, they all came back. I guess I can’t use that plugin.



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    My advice… if you care to take it… is to always download plugins one at a time, and FULLY test them prior to deciding if you want to keep it or not. If you decide to keep it and it works, Great! If it doesn’t work, or creates a problem, scrap it immediately and delete it from your inactive plugins.

    Glad you got your issue resolved.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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