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    Does anyone know if there is a way to create a category for posts that can be kept separate from the main blog? Basically is there a way for me to create a sub-blog?


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  • Hello.

    I’ve seen this done on a different blog platform, and I was trying to see if it’s possible with wordpress also?

    Any help?

    Easiest way is to designate a Page as the front page. But you can also change your loop to exclude a category or use a plugin such as Advanced Category Excluder.

    How can I forward specific categories, to a “page”.

    Like, I want to mimic a blog I’ve seen where they have a “guest blogger”, and there’s a “page” where that guest blogger’s posts go

    I guess what I’m saying is, if I do what you’re suggesting and “exclude” the categories from the frontpage, I want to be able to have them post to a mini-blog, on another page.

    Thank you so much for your help

    The easy way around this is to create a new category for your “guest blogger”, then simply exclude that category from showing up on the homepage. The exclusion is best handled by the functions.php page, that way you don’t get odd numbered posts on the homepage when posts are excluded.

    Add this to the bottom of your functions.php page in the theme you’re using. Obviously where I’ve designated categories 1 and 4 you’ll need to add your new category ID instead.

    // Excludes categories from appearing on the home page. Currently categories 1 and 4 are excluded.
    function myFilter($query) {
    	if ($query->is_home) {
    return $query;

    This way you don’t need to designate a “page” and you can call this guest blogger’s posts by simply calling the new category you created for them.

    Hope that helps.

    It does, and I appreciate all of your help, however, I want a “page” for the guest blogger, simply because the pages have “tabs” at the top of my blog, instead of my readers having to click a very small “category” filter.

    Any other suggests?

    I want to say, I am grateful for everyone’s help.

    I guess

    How do I include category posts on any page I want?

    Another example.

    I do “system updates”, and I want them to also filter in on the page “About”..

    After all of the junk that I’ve typed out on the page, how can I just display posts from a “system” category at the bottom?

    How do I include category posts on any page I want?

    You don’t. Pages are not for displaying posts. You don’t need it, btw.
    Clicking on a category’s name – you will get displayed only posts from that category. That’s what you want. Why are you messing with Pages???

    Hello, as it happens I had a very similar need and after looking around and not finding anything I just wrote a new page template to do just that — include posts from a certain category after “normal” page content. The idea is to have navigational tabs and more rich presentation instead of the default category view and also have different static content for different categories.

    For all that stuff you just described… the WP devs invented ages ago the Category_Templates.

    Not quite — back then they forgot one simple but very important point (at least for me) in doing this: user convenience. I do NOT want to (or do not want my users to) be messing around with php files on the server each time I add a new category or want to change what static content is displayed. By using pages and *just one* page template I can add new pages for new categories any time I want with my web browser, using normal WP page editing tools. Beats hacking category templates any time of year 🙂
    Edit: something I forgot to mention earlier: it is of course configurable (not hard-coded) what category(or categories) to display on a particular page. I have it just matching the category name with page title in the query_posts(), but using custom fields might make sense too.

    The “Category_Templates” i’ve already reviewed. I don’t want to add the page information to the PHP file.

    The reason, I want this, is simply, I have Posts that fit categories and I want to be able to edit the dynamic information above the posts, in a page format.

    It’s simple.

    There is 1 plugin, that doesn’t work.

    I have a page “About”

    And at the bottom of the about page, I want to be able to “include” posts from the category “system”.

    I don’t want the “system” category being filed on the front page.

    I really don’t need people to try and change my idea, or tell me that it’s nothing I should do, I’m simply looking for a solution.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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