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  • Under my products page there is a subcategory that I have removed from the WordPress products section.

    Still on my site it shows and the links still work. On the WordPress side the products listed in that are not supposed to be and yet everything remains.

    ^^The link to the problem section^^

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  • You mean that you have a page (wp-admin->Pages) named “Products Page” (or similar), and it is the parent of a page named “Holiday”, and that you have deleted “Holiday” but still see it?

    Did you permanently delete it or is it in the “Trash”?

    I don’t know what you mean by “WordPress products section”. There is no products section in the WordPress core. Are you using a plugin maybe to get that products section?

    I am new to WordPress. forgive me.

    There is a products section on the left panel in WordPress.

    From there I can go and organize categories or change products.

    If you look at the screenshot you will see the products section I am referring to. I have highlighted the end of that section in the following screenshot.

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    If you look on our website in the categories section. You will see a section “k” that does not exist in my WordPress setup. You will see it as the last subcategory under the Coffees section. “k” does not exist within my WordPress setup.

    My problem is that the changes that I make in WordPress work as far as adding products and changing descriptions. Where I run into my problem is that I have removed a category from my WordPress products setup section it is not being removed from my website.

    There is a products section on the left panel in WordPress.

    Sorry – there isn’t such a section within WordPress itself. This must have been added by a plugin or theme. You need to identify exactly what is adding this and then post in the appropriate forum for that add-on.

    Ok. That shopping section does not exist in WordPress by default. A plugin or maybe a theme is creating that section. I am guessing maybe this one: I am not sure though.

    What plugins do you have activated if you look at wp-admin->Plugins? Chances are that you will need to contact the developer of the plugin and/or post in that plugin’s forum for help.

    I am at home now so I don’t have access to it, but I do know that there is a wp e-commerce plugin. Thank you for the help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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