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    I’m creating a site for an organization with several chapters. Some of these chapters have their own websites, but I’m trying to bridge them with a WordPress site, in which each chapter is its own catagory.

    Ideally, I’d love to be able to make ‘Pages’ that are specific only to the catagory they’re in. For example, the page that has all the postings related to Catagory A would have pages up top solely for Catagory A, and wouldn’t appear on Catagory B’s site.

    Since that’s unlikely — my next thought would be to redirect users when they click on a catagory to a an existing, seperate WP site. And then I’d have an RSS of that catagory’s listings on the new site.

    So here are the questions summed up:

    a) Can I make category-specific pages?
    b) If not, can I redirect from the catagory pages to an outside site?
    c) Can I do category-specific RSS feeds?


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  • 1. You can create a Page with a Page Template display the category you want. But just the nature of creating categories will cause WordPress to give you Category specific archives, so you may not need to resort to Pages.
    3. Yes to that. This search returned among others, this thread:

    a) No.
    And no need for that. Clicking on a category name it takes you to what is called “category archive” or “category listing” and it will show ONLY the posts from that category. WP does it out of the box.
    If you want to style them differently, just use Category_Templates.

    b) I am not sure how that would work if you implement a) from above…

    c)Yes. Read the documentation: WordPress_Feeds

    MichaelH types faster 🙂


    Who you designing for, Hells Angels!?

    Thanks! This is very helpful, but as is typical for me, I’m still a bit confused.

    Here’s the page:

    1. The catagory titles have been changed to “Locals” and each of the union’s locals are a catagory. I was hoping that when you go to one of those catagories, you can have different pages in the top nav. Catagory 1 would have different pages up top than catagory 2.

    2. THANKS fore the link, didn’t find that on my earlier search, but I’m still learning the vocabulary. But I have one remaining question — making a redirect so that when people go to a catagory page, they can get pushed to an altogether different site.


    Thanks for the other replies… I’ll give them a shot… I owe you all beer.

    1. I was hoping that when you go to one of those catagories, you can have different pages in the top nav.
    Yes, you can. It just requires a lot of custom coding based on Conditional_Tags.

    2/remaining: you can do that (redirect) but in that case they will never see whatever is posted in the blog under that category. That’s what you really want?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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